The minute I met Stephanie, I knew we would work well together…and my instincts were right! She is one of the most creative, caring and committed attorneys I’ve ever met.
Adam Sansiveri, Managing Director, Alliance Bernstein

Bright, capable, considerate and the epitome of thoroughness! The first person I will always contact. You feel that you are in the center of her universe when engaging in a transaction.
Clarion Johnson, Global Medical Director, Exxon Mobil Corporation

I’ve known Stephanie Cooper for many years, and she has always taken care of any legal help or advice I’ve needed, from marital to musical to real estate to intellectual property. Her knowledge of so many areas of the law is stunning, and she is thorough, meticulous, timely, terrific and a lovely, caring considerate person as well. I consider myself privileged to be her client.
Eugenia Zukerman, concert flutist, novelist, CBS-TV “Sunday Morning” correspondent

Stephanie Cooper is awesome. She is not only tough but has a great appreciation for the human side of one of life’s most difficult journeys (Divorce). I would recommend her in a heartbeat.
Anonymous, former senior vice president of corporate strategies/special projects at the Harvard Medical Institutions

Lawyers, like dentists…can be personally charming
Still, one hopes to professionally avoid them.
Instinctively, we know their services can bring pain to one’s life and/or to one’s wallet.
When their expertise is needed, however, one thanks one’s lucky star
to have found a good one.

Stephanie R. Cooper is a lollapalooza of a good lawyer.
Her legal acumen is among the best one could want.
She straightens-out crooked lawsuits.
She fills gaps in one’s juridic understandings.
She whitens and lightens and brightens her client’s smiles and licit outlooks.
In fact, she’s superb, pretty, and lawfully fun.
I’ll take an oath it’s true…
I like her more than my dentist, I do!
Lanie Robertson, playwright

The combination of Stephanie’s legal expertise with her keen emotional intelligence resulted in an optimal outcome for one of the most difficult life-changing events I’ve had to go through-divorce. When I chose Stephanie to represent me, I could not have known that the measurement of a great divorce attorney is her ability to anticipate what will occur over a span of time. The outcome of Stephanie’s expertise was embodied in what became a parenting agreement, which for me became the foundation for a ‘new normal’ for cooperative parenting and working effectively with my ex-husband to raise our son. Stephanie understood the long-term needs of our family and placed critical value on the strengths of her clients and the particular issues of our situation. Through her emotional intelligence Stephanie was able to minimize what could have been a highly destructive, adversarial situation.
Monica Rosado, licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), psychotherapist

Ms. Cooper and her staff were instrumental in helping me to develop my exit strategy from my former employer. They provided me with thorough analysis of my options, detailed, practical guidance to negotiate my exit agreement effectively and smoothly.
Anonymous, former partner of a large multinational consulting group

Stephanie navigated my legal journey through a very contentious divorce. I always felt I was in expert hands. The myriad decisions throughout were thoroughly thought out and presented to me with warmth and professionalism. I personally thank Stephanie for her legal acuity and great warmth of heart.
Barron A Reinach, commodities trader

My office is in close proximity to the Stephanie R. Cooper, PC. On many occasions I have had the opportunity to meet with clients of theirs, all of whom rave about their fine work. Both Stephanie and Max are dedicated to hard work on behalf of clients of the firm and have achieved outstanding results for them.
Beverly R. Daniel, MS, MBA, career counseling and coaching services

Working with Stephanie Cooper was superb. I relied on her intelligence, experience, humor and tenacity, all of which produced a superlative result. I was thrilled to find an attorney who cared as much and was so accessible.
Marjorie Jaffe, owner, Back in Shape Exercise Studio