Zoe Stark


Zoe Stark’s 25 years of experience running small businesses on Madison Avenue and consulting for entrepreneurs and enterprises across the country brings an interesting and often overlooked perspective to our law practice. Her pedigree is rich in high-end customer service and administrative experience, and she understands the importance of meaningful, thorough client contact in all aspects of her work. Law is a service profession, and Zoe is a preeminent service professional.

Her passionate connection to the NYC independent music scene, her work telling people’s stories as a video journalist at EverydayHealth.com, her convictions as a social justice advocate and her passion for the law make her a great fit for our practice. Zoe’s ability to make the trains run on time is essential to the smooth running of the office. Her organization, diligence and good sense of priorities make her an integral part of our team. She is our scheduler, our administrator and does our paralegal work. Zoe says that “working as part of a team that collectively makes meaningful, useful products or experiences to enhance the users’ lives – on any level practically, emotionally, as service or as advocacy, is what my work has always been about and what I love to do.